Franziska Nast

Infotext X Work

How long is too long for your dreams?


concrete columns, hectograph ink tattooed in Climaflex®
height 526,5 cm, Ø 72,7 cm

Installation view/Exhibition:
Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck
Die Eroberung der Wand, Nazarener-Fresken im Blick der Gegenwart

The pictorial weave of elements on the columns consists of excerpts from my archive of images, texts, found objects, and tattoo templates – translated into a way to draw with the tattoo machine on concrete columns.
Not only my own motifs were used, but also those with a focus on seafaring romance/Christian symbolism (faith, love, hope) from the extensive private archive of my friend and mentor, the legendary tattoo artist Herbert Hoffmann (1919-2010).

Photos © Mick Vincenz