Franziska Nast

Infotext X Work


since 2011

love in Schneckenform, 1500 × 814,15 mm
Tailored, 1500 × 2127,17 mm
Ein Würfelwurf, 2000 × 1108 mm
Querer es poder, 2000 × 1538,56 mm
Dressed UP, 3000 × 1692,25 mm
Vorhang (Auftakt – Abgang), 3000 × 1899,41 mm
Graue Maus, 1000 × 1256,03 mm
Geil, halb sechs, 2028,53 × 3000 mm
Ohrwurminferno, 1000 × 1500 mm
(the very big) A, 3000 × 3854,07 mm
Dicke Wolle im Dreieck, 1700 × 1700 mm

b/w laser copies wallpapered on rice paper

Things from everyday life. Partially reconstructed. They are accidentally found, civilized remnants, sometimes attached to them stories, special memories. They are separated and photographed in the studio from different perspectives.
The final image motifs are divided onto numerous DIN A3 sheets using a laser printer.
First, a layer of Chinese rice paper is papered on the walls of the exhibition space. Then, sheet by sheet, the printouts are wallpapered onto this layer, so that the image motif is reassembled on the spot.
After the wallpaper paste has dried, the interconnected layers of paper are carefully removed from the wall, almost like the process of shedding a skin, in order to transfer the works in this way from the state of the mural to the form of the paper object. The objects not only emphasize the materiality of the paper and its haptic qualities, but also the haptic qualities of the paper, but also transform the photographed objects from the motif to become part of a new, different object.