Franziska Nast

Infotext X Work

Thoughts of a palm tree

Ed. Goethe institut Litauen, Nida Art Colony & F. Nast

offset Print on neon Paper 420 x 594 cm/
spatial intervention and Artist publication, poster-book

size 148,5 x 210 mm, 24 p. edition: 66, english
cover from the series: Palmenblätter, 2016

The term „Innenraumbegrünung“ (engl. „interior space greening“) has not been described yet in wikipedia. I would like to tell you something about paradise. MAYBE PARADISE. Old dreams exist, i wonder if there is new desire? In earlier times they got a tattoo in every foreign port. Some places, they still carve memorial phrases into the morbid bark, cut initials into lignified shoots, leave flowers of speech in woody trunks. With pro- per care the Kentia palm will last a lifetime. We have traveled far. Stop- over: Orangerie, Nida, since we had grown to big and oversize for home. Matured? NEVER SAY EVER. Grown wild, deformed, mutated. Migrating seems to be the mission, but from time to time we return, striving for heaven sometimes, breeding ground left behind. Some say, it’s charming to show ones roots nowadays. Interweaving the past with future and vice versa? My seeds grow and his seeds marry his seeds, like the Wu-Tang say. Beyond the means we grew resistant. Lianas cast diffuse shadows across the room, and strings of tales grow wild at their plastic fibre ends. Scraps and cuttings on posters stray around the streets lately, cultivation continuous on walls. Announcing without announcement. Neon delirious palm leaves on tarmac grey.